Getting My Yoga On

When I first graduated from college, I was a bit of a yoga fanatic. I religiously took a yoga class a few times a week at my local community college and found that it was an important part of my weekly routine. It really helped center and relax me during the week, especially when times were hectic.

Once I left my small East Bay town to work in San Francisco, long agency hours and a tough commute pushed yoga out of my priorities list. Years later, I’ve finally decided to ease back into yoga with something non-intimidating and cost-effective: a yoga podcast.

As I mentioned earlier, I planned to do an episode of the Yogamazing podcast as part of my travel workout at SXSW Interactive. I did it yesterday and it was an amazing experience. It certainly hearkened back to my community college class days. At 20 minutes, the workout was not as long as I used to do, but it was the perfect amount to practice yoga for the first time in many years. The class was challenging, well-explained, and best of all the episode I watched catered specifically to runners, which I know will be a helpful stretching session as I’m training for my upcoming 10K race.

Below is a sample of the show. If you are a fan of yoga and would like to get in a session without paying for an expensive class, I encourage you to check it out!

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