Home Cooked Tomato Sauce

I have been trying to cook at home more lately, with great success. Almost every night dinner is cooked by yours truly.

However, I feel that I am relying too heavily on processed staples to get me through dinner prep instead of making them myself. Last night, a simple tomato sauce for spaghetti seemed a good place to start.

Mark Bittman, my cooking hero, has a ridiculously easy-to-follow and quick recipe in his iPhone app, How to Cook Everything (which I highly recommend; it’s also a book if you prefer physical cookbooks). It was an encouraging start. I may never use store-bought tomato sauce again!

Tomato Sauce Mis En Place

I love setting up all my ingredients before starting the real cooking. It makes everything so much easier! Here I have chopped onions, canned tomatoes, ground beef and fresh-ground Parmesan cheese.
Whole Wheat Pasta

I measured out exact portions on a scale to make sure I didn’t cook too much. It’s not hard to go overboard with the carbs!

Sauteed Onions in Butter

I love onions, and stewing in the butter they smelled absolutely divine. I waited for them to get soft before pouring the canned tomatos on top.

The Tomato Sauce Stews

It only took about 15 minutes for the tomatoes to get slightly dissolved, creating a nice chunky sauce.

Ta Da!

After tossing the whole wheat pasta with the sauce, I sprinkled it with fresh-grated Parmesan cheese. Delish!

The Freezer Gets the Rest

I put the leftover sauce in a freezer bag so I can save it for another day. Yay for another success in the kitchen!

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