Clean as You Go

I’ve found that it is far easier to clean as I go than it is to wait until a bunch of cleaning tasks have accumulated. It’s really easy to understand why when I break it down. A few minutes hanging up my clothes here, a second or two putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher there, and I suddenly realize why that seems so much easier than waiting until my floor is made up of clothes or I have a sink full of dirty dishes as tall as my head.

I also think this is an important support of the idea “a place for everything and everything in its place,” an idea I’ve gleaned from reading Unclutterer, one of my favorite organization-centered blogs. I’m working on making sure everything in my world has a designated “parking spot,” since it prevents items falling out-of-place and into a mess.

Shoes like to be lined up neatly in a row, not scattered around the house.

A clean countertop makes my MacBook Pro very happy. The lovely flowers don’t hurt either.

I’m trying to throw dirty clothes into my laundry bins as they become so, not after a pile has accumulated on the floor.

It’s so much easier to get ready in the morning when I have a station for morning/nightly routine, including a dryer stand for all my hair doo-dads.

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