WordCamp and the Cutest Dog in the World

Last weekend I attended WordCamp San Francisco, a special day for bloggers such as myself to learn more about WordPress’s amazing blogging platform and how to further leverage it to make blogging even more fun. I had a great time and will definitely be attending next year. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, Melanie and Scott, in addition to meeting quite possibly the cutest dog I have ever laid eyes on. If you are a blogger and you like the WordPress platform, I highly encourage you to sign up for a WordCamp near you.

Me and Melanie

Melanie and Scott, enjoying the tasty BBQ on a sunny San Francisco day

Melanie, Scott and I went for a Starbucks run where we ran into this adorable little creature.

I really wanted to kidnap him! Someday I'm going to get my own dog to play with. 🙂

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