The Soothing Aroma of a Good Candle

I love candles. When I was living with my parents just out of college, my dad used to get after me for burning them in the house since he thought they were dangerous. He may have had a point, but nonetheless there were few things more comforting to me than burning a lovely smelling candle in my room at night. It was the perfect way to relax into the evening and prepare mentally for sleep.

I continue to adore candles, and last weekend stocked up on some new ones for the kitchen and bedroom. Anthropologie has a great stock of candles in their store, and I smelled every single one before deciding on two candles by Voluspa. They both smell divine, and add such a homey element to the apartment.

Goji Berry has a very sweet, fruity scent, which goes great in the kitchen

Santiago Huckleberry has a deeper, more musky fruit scent, adding a nice sleepy tone to the bedroom

What are your favorite candle brands and scents? I am always on the lookout for new kinds to try out.

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