Girl Time at Magnolia Pub

Last week Kara and I went to Magnolia Pub for some girl time, a few tasty beers and good food. It’s always nice to have one-on-one time with girlfriends, and I thoroughly enjoyed the night out. We were both snapping away with our Nikon DSLR cameras and I caught quite a few pictures that I’m proud of (especially of the half pint glass, which was particularly hard to shoot). I hope you enjoy the photos from that evening.

I started off the evening with a beer that I can't remember the name of at the moment. I later opted for Kara's choice of beer, the Weather Report Wheat.

I started off the night with a short glass of beer, later opting for Kara's choice of Weather Report Wheat.

This shot took me forever to get! The tiny etched print on the glass was nigh invisible. I'm incredibly proud of this capture.

The four-course cheese plate. All but one of the cheeses – Kara and I likened it to stinky feet – tasted delicious.

Devils on Horseback. Goat cheese-stufffed dates, wrapped in bacon. This was probably the highlight of the entire meal for me.

The Pork Trio. Braised pork belly, potted head, trotter and garlic herb torchon. This was a pretty fatty dish so it wasn’t my favorite.

Kara had the Seafood Boudin, which is basically a seafood-filled sausage.

The chocolate cake was delicious and topped off dinner nicely.

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