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A few months ago, my boyfriend, who knows my gaming tastes perfectly, recommended I try playing Portal. Portal 2 had just come out and we were seeing billboards promoting the game all over San Francisco. It looked interesting. I was intrigued. And once I started playing the game, obsessed.

I am a big fan of physics-based puzzle games, like World of Goo, And Yet It Moves and Trine. Portal and Portal 2 are the ultimate of this genre, and I’ve spent countless hours playing them on Steam for Mac. I’ve played Portal all the way through twice, and am now working my way through the advanced chambers and challenge maps. I’m determined to master every aspect of the game.

I’ve played Portal 2 all the way through once, and just started playing it through again this week. I also gave it a shot at the team play, which I’m pretty sure I played with a high school kid (we turned on our mics and he taught me how to enable cheat mode and access the developer console – I finally understood why all my college guy friends were so obsessed with collaborative play in Halo! It’s a lot of fun).

Imagine my surprise yesterday when my boyfriend received a package from ThinkGeek with some Portal-themed presents for me: a plushy weighted companion cube (be still my heart!) and an Aperture Science T-shirt.

Aperture Science – for science, you monster!

Salt – Asbestos – Curtain

My very own weighted companion cube!

Me snuggling my companion cube in my Aperture Science T-shirt

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  1. suki
    July 22, 2011 at 1:21 pm (13 years ago)

    i might have to look into this! 😀


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